Calculate Foundation Repair Cost

How to Calculate Your Foundation Repair Cost

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is prone to many troubles which can lead to home foundation damage and resulting foundation repair cost:

The odds are stacked against the homeowner. Foundation damage is likely to happen in due time.

Proactive decisions about researching foundation repair costs and contacting a specialist can save you thousands of dollars throughout the duration of your home ownership.

In this article you will learn:

  • How a foundation repair cost is calculated
  • The factors and influences that play into the price
  • Our commitment to providing the best service for your needs

The sooner you’re able to get an estimate the better. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the most important question on your mind.

Calculating Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation damage can lead to structural issues that effect doors, windows, walls, and ceilings. The damage can be caused by any number of problems as detailed above. What matters is quick action.

A foundation can be repaired but prolonged damage and shifting during the wait can cause additional repairs for the inside of your home. This is why you can expect the foundation repair cost to be inexpensive if caught early.

Enough with the scary stuff — let’s get into how it can be done.

There are two easy ways to calculate costs:

  • National & local averages
  • Thorough inspections

The national averages provide a baseline in pricing — $3,975 at the time of this writing. A local average refines the estimate — $5,184 for Dallas, TX. This gives you a good idea of a deal that may be ‘too good to be true’ or one that may be giving you a run for your money.

The better option is to request a thorough inspection of the home. Professionals will provide a complete cost breakdown of their services and extras which may influence the cost (detailed in the next section).

foundation repair cost


Foundation Repair Averages

Keep in mind that these are averages.

The final price of your repair may be beyond the initial estimation you receive. This may catch you off guard. Yet, it’s important to have it handled before it causes more damage.

Another tip: Contact a structural engineer to inspect the home and property. This person isn’t invested in selling additional services. They will provide you with recommendations and an honest assessment on moving forward.

What are factors that lead to increasing costs?

Price Influences in Foundation Repair Cost

The foundation repair process is straight forward. Yet, like any type of repair or construction job, there are factors in play that can increase the costs.

A professional will provide an unbiased assessment that factors in these extra problems that could hinder the repair process. This will be included in the estimate, but be aware, more issues can suffer once repairs begin.


Soils, clay, and moisture are the typical factors that play into foundation damage. These cause damage to the structure of the home while the foundation settles and shifts.

Other factors that lead to damage include:

  • Shrinkage caused by evaporation and long dry spells
  • Plumbing leaks found in the sanitary sewer which create uneven terrain and openings where the foundation may sink
  • Inferior materials used in the building of the home which is prone to become weaker over time versus high-quality concrete and steel
  • Construction shortcuts in ground preparation, such as cut and fill, that leads to foundation failure

Damage continues into the home affecting walls and fixtures. Further damage may be discovered deeper into the foundation which may not have been visible during the initial inspection.

Repair Methods

The two common methods of foundation repair are:

Each come at a variable price depending on the professional services and the extent of the damage to the home (and on-going threat).

In piering, the foundation repair professional will use heavy equipment to dig deep under the foundation of the home. They will place a steel pier and adjust it using hydraulics to level and adjust the foundation back to normalcy.

In slabjacking, grout is pumped into space between the ground and foundation to add a reinforcing layer to prevent additional damage and work its way back into the original position.

Slabjacking is the inexpensive solution and doesn’t have the same level of effectiveness as piering. Piering is a permanent solution but comes at a higher price.

calculate foundation repair cost dallas

How to Calculate Foundation Repair Costs

Landscaping & Attachment

Two other items to consider include:

  • The landscaping (such as trees) around the home
  • Any attached buildings, add-ons, decks, and structures also affected

Tree roots growing in the direction of the home cause create an unstable foundation for the home. These roots are often strong enough to chip away at the hardened concrete. If a tree happens to die and has roots under the foundation then space will be caused by the rot which also introduces a problem.

The foundation repair specialist will assess these in their reports and provide suggestions for their inclusion in the repair.

Add-on structures may be affected or become problematic because they are in the way of the needed repairs. New foundation poured for add-ons may soon go the way of the original if the work isn’t extended in the affected areas.

It may be necessary to remove these add-on structures to reach the foundation. This will incur an extra cost but is essential in order to do the appropriate work that saves the rest of the home.

These additional foundation repair costs may fall outside of your initial budget. The good news is that we provide guaranteed financing to put you at ease in the event any other influences in pricing puts you on edge.

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