Foundation Repair Cost

How much does foundation repair cost in Dallas?

This is your most important question at the moment. We provide a detailed breakdown of the major cost components and reveal how to save money on this critical repair project.

Let’s get started by pointing out that we take pride in the fact that on many occasions, we discover that expensive foundation repairs are NOT NEEDED! In these instances, we will suggest simple solutions like fixing a water line leak or correcting a water drainage problem. We have built our outstanding reputation on offering the most cost-effective practical approach to home foundation problems, without sacrificing our integrity.

foundation repair cost dallas Foundation Repair Pros 19111 N. Dallas Prky #347 Dallas, TX 75287As part of our unique and thorough foundation inspection process, we pinpoint exactly the cause of any foundation weakness. We observe, take measurements, ask questions, analyze existing damage and then begin to develop a detailed corrective action plan and cost analysis. Our inspection professionals are the best in the business at diagnosing foundation problems and developing a budget-friendly repair proposal.

Cost of Foundation Repair in Dallas

It almost goes without saying that we cannot give you a repair cost estimate right here or even over the phone. We obviously need to conduct our free onsite inspection to understand your special circumstances. However, we can provide you with a breakdown of the basic variables that we must consider and an overall range of component costs.

Here are some of the initial condition variables:

  • Slab foundation or pier and beam foundation with crawl space
  • Square footage of the home
  • Single or two story
  • Underlying soil type and moisture content
  • Water and sewer line integrity
  • Evidence of sagging or settling
  • Visible cracks in bricks, concrete, floors , walls and sheetrock
  • Cracks around windows and doors
  • Level measurements throughout the home
  • Exterior chimney inspection for cracks or separation
  • Extent of any wood rot or mold
  • Presence of ponding or water drainage issues
  • History of past repair efforts

Once the home foundation condition is established, we will develop several repair solutions and alternatives. Keep in mind that the cost of these corrective actions is highly variable too, depending on which is selected as the optimal design for your specific situation.

As a common example, if piers or pilings are needed, the cost changes with the number of piers needed, type (steel, cement or cable), external or internal placement, equipment needed for installation, depth to bedrock or equivalent and extent of any excavation required.

In some cases, related components may be recommended such as plumbing repairs, tree root barriers, wood beam or joist replacements, or external drainage correction.

The manpower and construction time-frame are also major components of any repair project.

Average Foundation Repair Cost in Dallas

Here are some general guidelines of the “average” cost of foundation repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Remember, these are only typical cost ranges, which are not specific to any onsite conditions:

Piers – $350 to $2,000 installed at 6-8 foot intervals; depends on type (concrete, steel, cable) and depth to base rock or equivalent

Crack Repair – $325 to $2,800; depends on materials i.e. brick, concrete, sheetrock

Tunneling – $225 to $300 per foot, if specified

City Permit – $75 to $200 (if required by the city)

Structural Engineer – $500 to $1,200 if requested by homeowner client

In the context of the overall foundation repair cost in Dallas and the surrounding areas, most projects fall in the range of about $2,500 to $6,000 with $2,500 on the low end and $10,000 on the higher end.

Below is a table to give you an idea of repair costs in other cities in Texas and in other states. Note that the Dallas area is quite reasonable by comparison!

CityMinimum CostAverage CostMaximum Cost
San Francisco, CA5,00012,82821,000
Sacramento, CA3,7507,91913,000
New Orleans, LA3,4006,61511,200
Houston, TX2,6505,91210,350
Los Angeles, CA1,5005,81110,000
Washington, DC2,0005,71312,000
Nashville, TN2,0005,4319,130
Dallas, TX2,5005,23010,000
Denver, CO1,4004,69010,457
Data from Home Advisor; sorted by Average Cost

Secret to Saving Money on Your Foundation Repair Cost

free foundation inspection Foundation Repair Pros 19111 N. Dallas Prky #347 Dallas, TX 75287

The secret sauce to saving big money on your foundation repair cost is quite simple – get an evaluation from us and one other contractor in the area. And make sure the other contractor knows that our company is bidding on the project! We respect the competition but know that we provide the most creative, cost-effective solutions on the market today. Plus, we are the only local company to offer the ultimate incentive to do business with us…guaranteed financing!

Give us a call today at Foundation Repair Pros and schedule a no-obligation, free inspection.  We have been in the business for many years and our industry leading team will earn your trust and confidence with a highly competitive proposal!


Foundation Repair Cost FAQs

  • Why is foundation repair so expensive?

Foundation repair is the process of leveling your home and anchoring the foundation supports to stable bedrock. This process involves highly skilled technicians, specialized equipment and materials and considerable labor. Thus, the project can get rather expensive depending on the extent of the underlying problems and the technology selected to correct the issues.

  • What is the average foundation repair cost?

The average cost of foundation repair nationally is about $4,500 with a range of less than $1,000 to over $21,000. This includes both pier and beam foundations, which are generally less expensive to fix and slab foundations. The average cost is the Dallas area is about $5,230 while the average cost is San Francisco is $12,828. The large variation can be attributed to a number of factors including availability of skilled technicians, property access, cost of materials, competition and cost of labor in the local markets.

  • What is the average foundation repair cost for pier and beam?

The average cost to repair a pier and beam foundation is about $2,500 with a range of $500 up to $5,000+. These foundations are generally less expensive to fix due to ease of access to the problem areas under the house and less expensive replacement support materials. Simply installing steel shims can solve the problem in some cases. In other instances, replacing rotten or severely damaged floor joist or girder beams and adding new piers/footings will be required to permanently solve the sinking or sagging foundation.

What will it cost to repair YOUR foundation? Give us a call today and we’ll figure it out together!


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