Pier and Beam Repair

Best Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Solutions in Dallas

The good news is pier and beam foundation repair is generally fast, easy and relatively inexpensive. The bad news is that it is not a DIY project for most homeowners. Specialized equipment and expertise is needed to install a long-lasting solution.

It’s tempting to try a DIY project, but let’s be clear…house leveling with inferior quality jacks and block piers with wood shims will not provide a stable foundation. The problem will re-appear quickly and you’re back to square one.

If you have a minute, here’s a great example of a DIY’er attempting to level his house while cooking dinner…quite funny!


At Foundation Repair Pros, we have seen it all over the years. As the industry leading experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we know exactly how to diagnose what and where the post and beam foundation is failing and how to fix it with an economical solution.

Symptoms of Pier and Beam Foundation Failure

 There is a wide variety of clues that indicate that your foundations is not doing the job it was intended to do…support the weight of your home and transfer that weight evenly to the beams, piers and then the sub-base bedrock or equivalent. Here are the common clues:

  • Sinking, sagging, bouncy, or soft wooden floors
  • Bowing floors
  • Gaps between the floor and interior walls
  • Cracks in interior sheetrock walls
  • Out of level door frames – doors stick or will not close
  • Presence of wood rot, termites, mold or fungus and compression of floor joists
  • Shimming between columns/piers and beams/girders (repairs “attempted”)

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The presence of shimming is not necessarily bad…it’s what material was used previously by a homeowner or shady contractor; we commonly see scrap soft woods, pieces of sheetrock and even cardboard! Ouch!

The Two Primary Causes of Pier and Beam Structural Failure

#1 – Moisture

Dirt crawl spaces are dark and damp which are magnets for mold, fungus and termites. Vented crawl spaces become very humid, particularly in the summer months. This excess moisture, in the form of water vapor, creates a breeding ground for the growth of these critters which in turn weakens the girders, joists and piers. Plumbing and HVAC leaks can contribute excess water which can also lead to weaken soil beneath the piers.

#2 – Poor Design

The placement of piers/columns is a critical component of a successful pier and beam installation. Particularly in older homes, we see columns spaced too far apart which cause the beams and girders to become overloaded, sag and even crack. This can also happen if the girders and joists are undersized. This condition is even more significant when a second story is added, increasing the load on the already weak support components.

Fixing Damaged Pier and Beam Foundations

At Foundation Repair Pros we offer several options for cost effective solutions to fix pier and beam foundation issues permanently:

  • Correct water leaks and or water drainage issues
  • Install new piers with engineered concrete pad base and block or steel supports
  • Use heavy-duty SmartJacks to level girders and joists
  • “Sistering” fresh lumber to damaged girder or joist (after mold issue solved)
  • Retrofit rotten or broken beams (wood or steel I-beams)
  • Re-shimming with steel shims
  • Crawl space encapsulation with de-humidification

The specific solution proposed for you will depend on many factors including the extent of damage, cause of the foundation failure and budget constraints. Our expertise will be applied to your special needs to find the perfect solution.

Note that the cost of pier and beam foundation repair is generally much cheaper when compared to fixing a slab foundation. This is because of easier access to the problem area and lower equipment and labor costs.

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