When are Steel Piers Necessary for Foundation Repair?

When are Steel Piers Necessary for Foundation Repair?

If you’re googling around for information about steel piers, you’re probably having a problem with your house’s foundation.

That really sucks – we’re sorry.

If you’re not sure whether or not repairs are necessary, check out this discussion on telltale signs of foundation problems.

You’re not all alone in your structural problem woes, either! There are estimates that about 25% of all houses in the US will have structural problems. It’s a huge issue here in Texas since the soil composition lends itself to compressing over time.

The good news is that there’s a relatively easy fix – steel house piers.

Steel Piers VS Concrete Piers

For full disclosure, there are two options for pier foundation repair. Choosing one is up to the homeowner.

If price is a concern, use this handy article to help calculate your foundation repair cost.

Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are cheaper than steel piers for a couple of reasons. The first is that, to install them, you don’t have to drill as deeply. Or rather, you can’t drill as deeply.

See, concrete piers are only feasible if you can reach the weight-bearing stratum (bedrock, usually) within 15 inches or so. If it’s deeper, the concrete piers aren’t an option.

Concrete is also less expensive simply because the materials are cheaper. The labor involved, however, might make it more expensive since pouring concrete tends to be a messy endeavor.

Lastly, concrete takes a long time to cure. In most cases, the curing will take about a month (during which the home is technically still unsafe).

Steel Piers

Steel piers for foundation repair Dallas, Tx

Steel piers for Foundation Repair

Steel piers, while definitely pricey, have a far greater range of uses.

These piers are able to be drilled down and installed at depths up to 75 inches. That’s five times deeper than the concrete option; and frankly, if you don’t hit bedrock within that depth your house’s foundation is doomed anyway.

In addition, steel is more-or-less indestructible. Once installed, those foundation piers will last longer than anything else in your house. Concrete piers can degrade over time, sometimes quite quickly depending on the surrounding environment.

No such problem with steel!

Steel piers, being deeper in the soil, are also more resilient towards future shifts in the foundation. Concrete piers might be rendered ineffective in a large-scale sediment shift like an earthquake, but steel would be unaffected.

It sounds like a far-out scenario, but these things happen!

Finally, if you have a big house, steel might be your only option. It has better weight-bearing properties than concrete, and has to be used for the heavier structures.

Steel Piers Foundation Repair Is a Long-Term Investment

And houses are a long-term investment, too!

Unless you’re in a situation where you expect to be selling your house soon, you’ll want to secure the future stability of your house as best you can. You can even preserve the value of your home by having them installed by professional and certified!

Steel piers will end your structural issues and bring your family (and your house!) safety and peace of mind.

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