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Foundation Repair Pros is pleased to announce that we have become the #1 foundation repair company for Customer Satisfaction and Affordability. Our long-standing commitment to unique, patented technologies and our hard earned reputation for cost effective solutions has resulted in our recognition as the industry leader in the foundation repair Dallas market. Our professionally trained technicians will restore the structural integrity of your home and restore your peace of mind. One of the hallmarks of our service is that our work comes with a lifetime transferable warranty, as a courtesy to all of our clients.

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 Foundation Problems – Dallas

Foundation problems in the Dallas area are well known. Local  news stories occasionally highlight the primary issue which is our active clay soil layer. When the soil is exposed to extended periods of wet and dry cycles, it shrinks and swells like a sponge. If not mitigated, this soil movement can result in horizontal and vertical movement of a part of your home, which then can cause cracks to appear. These cracks can be visible at high stress points like the floors, around windows and doors, chimneys, interior sheetrock or exterior brick walls and of course, the  foundation itself.

 Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Do you have a dirt crawl space? Floors over a vented, dirt crawl space can sink, settle or sag for several reasons; weak joists and beams due to moisture and wood rot, columns spaced too far apart or weak soil underlying the foundation.

Moisture is a particular problem because it can also result in excessive fungus and mold growth. At Foundation Repair Pros we offer several, cost effective solutions to fix pier and beam foundation issues permanently:

  • Retrofit failing piers with concrete pad base and block or steel pier supports
  • Retrofit rotten or broken beams (wood or steel I-beams)
  • Re-shimming with steel shims
  • Crawl space encapsulation with dehumidification

 Slab Foundation Repair

slab foundation repair dallasSlab cracks can result from settling (most common) or sometimes heave. The exact cause will be evaluated by our expert team and several unique technology options will be developed and customized to your specific home. These may include the following, depending on the type of slab on grade foundation (monolithic poured slab, block wall with spread footings, poured concrete floating slab or block wall with spread footings):

  • Concrete pressed pilings
  • Multi-wall steel piers, deep penetrating to bedrock or equivalent
  • Helical piers

Click here for more information on: slab foundation repair 

Correction of Foundation Drainage

Through many years of experience we have found that the most important factor to the long-term stability of your foundation over the long-term is water management underneath and adjacent to your foundation. Too much or too little water is the key factor in preventing foundation failure. Foundation Repair Pros offer several surface and sub-surface drainage alternatives that are available to solve your site specific issues. These include:

  • Seamless gutters and downspouts
  • Surface drains (grate and channel drains)
  • Sub-surface engineered French drains

Foundation drainage and correction of any water leaks is critical to success and distinguishes our superior customer service and recognition our company as the leader in the industry. See our video’s on DYI checking for water leaks.

 Our Free Foundation Inspection Process

The process we follow at Foundation Repair Pros is straightforward yet thorough. Our goal is to evaluate and advise you on the best technology and most budget-friendly permanent solution to your foundation issue; starting with a free foundation inspection.

Our foundation specialists will examine your home’s structure to diagnose precisely the cause of your foundation problem. Many criteria go in to this inspection but we won’t propose a solution until we know exactly what is causing the issue. Foundation movement (vertical or horizontal) leaves distinct clues – we observe, measure, ask the questions and get the facts first! We also check for plumbing leaks which are sometimes the source of your foundation failure.

Unlike some companies, we will tell you if foundation repairs are NOT needed! It could be that you just need help with water drainage or maintenance watering. We offer optimal solutions, not just house leveling services.

Evaluate alternatives – as discussed above, there are many potential options for fixing your foundation problem including various underpinnings, piers, jacks and anchors; we’ll evaluate these options to factor in your site-specific soil, water and foundation movement problems. We will tailor our proposed fix to your particular needs.

Proposed solution – we will present the best, proven solution available from our company to permanently solve the problem. This will include a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. 

Schedule the work – we will work with you to schedule the work to work around your schedule and accommodate your special needs.

The Cost of Foundation Repair

The structural components of your home may appear simple yet the engineering that makes it all work is quite complex. There are many variables that must be carefully evaluated in order to develop a permanent solution and an accurate cost of foundation repair for your home.  For a detailed listing of the variables that we use at Foundation Repair Pros, and an itemized breakdown of cost components, visit our page here:  Foundation Repair Cost in Dallas

At this point in your investigation of repair costs, we thought it would be useful to provide you with an overview of these costs on a nationwide basis. This glimpse is based on data from Home Advisor and includes both slab foundations and pier and beam foundations.

foundation repair cost

Note that at Foundation Repair Pros, we offer something that no other foundation repair company in the area offers…guaranteed financing for every homeowner!

Our goal is to provide the best technical solution for your foundation problem at the lowest possible cost.

Foundation Repair Pros Dallas

Invite the industry leading professionals at Foundation Repair Pros out for a free inspection. We know you’re struggling with a difficult situation and we have your best interest at heart. Let’s work together to find the best solution to protect your property value, once and for all.

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